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Getting Started:

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By joining, you will have real-time access to other registered programs and their best practices; cutting-edge internet tools to facilitate collaboration, problem solving and learning between leaders of asthma programs; and the most current strategies for making your program a thriving and comprehensive asthma management resource. Take advantage of these membership benefits:

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The Network is offered at no cost and open to all community-based programs committed to helping people with asthma live the healthy and active lives they deserve.

Key Features of the Online Application:

  • Complete the application in multiple sittings. The online system allows you to partially complete the application, save it and return to it later.
  • To allow for proper formatting of your text, please copy and paste unformatted text from a “text only” file (.txt) or copy and paste your text from Word into a program like “Notepad” and then copy and paste this into the appropriate application text boxes. To format (bold, italics, bullets, etc.), please use the tools provided above the text boxes in the online applications. Remember that you can always save your application and come back to it later.
  • Preview, print or save your application at any time.
  • Attach supplemental materials as either five separate PDF files totaling one page each OR one PDF file totaling five (5) pages. 
  • Please contact your IT administrator to adjust your firewall settings to ensure a successful application submission.
  • The online system is a secure website operated for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by its contractor, The Scientific Consulting Group, Inc. Your completed application will be seen only by EPA staff, EPA’s contractor and members of the Award evaluation panel.